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Learning UX with the Interaction Design Foundation: A Review

About IDF The Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is an independent non-profit initiative established in 2002 in Denmark. Its purpose is to democratize knowledge of User Experience, product design and human-computer interaction at a low-cost and high quality. IDF offers self-paced UX courses which are divided into sections and lectures. Lectures can be video micro-lectures, but … Continue reading

Using Information Architecture Deliverables, Examples and Samples : FatPurple

Using Information Architecture Deliverables By Glen In part one of Web Information Architecture Deliverables and Diagrams I discussed the various deliverables and diagrams that are commonly used throughout the industry. In part two we take a look at the factors that influence the use of these deliverables and various implementation examples. Understanding how to create … Continue reading

Web Information Architecture Deliverables and Diagrams : FatPurple

Web Information Architecture Deliverables and Diagrams By Glen Originally published December 2002 Examples of Wireframes, Site Maps, Story boards, Use Cases, Paper Prototypes In my work as a web designer and IA I have come across many inconsistencies in the way Information Architects and other Web professionals refer to Web information architecture deliverables and diagrams. … Continue reading

Web Site Wireframes – Samples, Examples : FatPurple

Web Site Wireframes – Samples, Examples By Glen What are wireframes? Web site wireframes are blue prints that define a Web page’s content and functionality. They do not convey design – e.g. colors, graphics, or fonts. How are wireframes used ? Wireframes – combined with Site Maps -are the bread and butter tools of information … Continue reading