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Learning UX with the Interaction Design Foundation: A Review

About IDF The Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is an independent non-profit initiative established in 2002 in Denmark. Its purpose is to democratize knowledge of User Experience, product design and human-computer interaction at a low-cost and high quality. IDF offers self-paced UX courses which are divided into sections and lectures. Lectures can be video micro-lectures, but … Continue reading

User Experience Interview Questions & Answers

Recently while browsing some UX websites, I came across common question posted on websites/Bogs and that was…. Hi, I am a UX professional and am actively seeking opportunities. I am looking to find the typical questions that interviewers ask for a UI/UX/Usability role. So I decided to write as well collect it from various sources. … Continue reading

See what the world is searching for with Google Insights for Search

The story start with my blog which i started few days ago…as usual i wanted to track the traffic/users of my blog who are they, what they do, where do they come from… etc… Unfortunately i couldn’t configure Google analytic to my blog because it’s free blog. so i began my search how can i … Continue reading

Build your XML Site Map online

What are Sitemaps? Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it … Continue reading

Find the perfect colour for your website By Cindy Li

Colour communicates meaning and our own assumptions can often be wrong as colours have different meanings in different cultures. Cindy Li of Yahoo Applications explains how to use colour to enhance the appeal and usability of your website while ensuring it remains accessible When I was about 10 years old, I toured the Disney MGM … Continue reading

Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer Tour What if there were a way to find out which images, headlines, and website copy are most effective at getting your website visitors to convert? There is, with Google Website Optimizer. read more @ http://websiteoptimizer.blogspot.com/  use it @ http://www.google.com/websiteoptimizer/ A/B Experiments in 5 Minutes An A/B test is where you are … Continue reading

Microsoft’s Theme Builder

In searching for easy ways to create a theme for SharePoint 2010. The Theme Builder tool enables the creation of document themes for Microsoft Office 2007. Document themes provide a quick and easy way to apply a consistent look across all your Microsoft Office documents. You can apply the same theme to PowerPoint presentations, Word … Continue reading

Creating A Vector-Based Content Reveal With Paper.js

A couple of days ago, I came across Paper.js – a vector graphic JavaScript library built on top of the HTML5 canvas element. Their examples are pretty awesome. I know almost nothing about the library; but, after I looked at the API for a few minutes, I wanted to see if I could use it … Continue reading

Use Case – User Scenario : FatPurple

Use Case – User Scenario By Glen Originally published February 2007 Use cases, sometimes called user scenarios, are narratives or flow diagrams that describe how users will interact with a Web site. Some people also refer to them as task analysis or user flows. Regardless of what you call them, the idea is the same. … Continue reading

Web User Profiles – User Personas : FatPurple

Web User Profiles – User Personas By Glen Originally published January 2007 Before starting any Web project it is imperative to understand the target audiences. The target audience may be existing users or, in the case of a new site, new users. User profiles (also referred to as user personas) are an excellent way to … Continue reading

Content Inventory : FatPurple

Content Inventory By Glen Originally Published January 2007 Content Inventory: Sometimes referred to as Web Content Inventory or Web Audit. Many times when an Information Architect begins the process of redesigning or creating a new Web site, their first step will be to complete a detailed content inventory. This involves analyzing and recording what content … Continue reading

Using Information Architecture Deliverables, Examples and Samples : FatPurple

Using Information Architecture Deliverables By Glen In part one of Web Information Architecture Deliverables and Diagrams I discussed the various deliverables and diagrams that are commonly used throughout the industry. In part two we take a look at the factors that influence the use of these deliverables and various implementation examples. Understanding how to create … Continue reading

Web Information Architecture Deliverables and Diagrams : FatPurple

Web Information Architecture Deliverables and Diagrams By Glen Originally published December 2002 Examples of Wireframes, Site Maps, Story boards, Use Cases, Paper Prototypes In my work as a web designer and IA I have come across many inconsistencies in the way Information Architects and other Web professionals refer to Web information architecture deliverables and diagrams. … Continue reading

Designing Effective Web Navigation : FatPurple

Designing Effective Web Navigation By Glen Originally published April 2002 Introduction to Website Navigation Effective web navigation navigation is perhaps the most important aspect of ensuring a Web site’s usability. Consistent and informative navigation helps to ensure that users are able to identify where they are, where the content they need is, and what the … Continue reading

Jacob Nielsen’s Ten usability Heuristics design principles

When it comes to usability, there are Jacob Nielsen’s Ten Usability Heuristics which every usability person can relate to. These are as follows. Jacob says they are called “heuristics” because they are more in the nature of rules of thumb than specific usability guidelines. These are Jacob’s ten general principles for usability design. Visibility of … Continue reading

Web Site Wireframes – Samples, Examples : FatPurple

Web Site Wireframes – Samples, Examples By Glen What are wireframes? Web site wireframes are blue prints that define a Web page’s content and functionality. They do not convey design – e.g. colors, graphics, or fonts. How are wireframes used ? Wireframes – combined with Site Maps -are the bread and butter tools of information … Continue reading

5 Tools to Quickly Measure a Website’s Popularity : FatPurple

5 Tools to Quickly Measure a Website’s Popularity By Glen | April 9th, 2010 | Marketing | 1 Comment Tags: Alexa, compete.com, Google Page Rank, Quantcast I’m often asked to evaluate or analyze websites that I have no relation with. Perhaps it’s a site developed by a competitor or a site we’re looking to get … Continue reading

CSS3 Button Maker | CSS-Tricks

CSS3 Button Maker By Chris Coyier I’m saying “CSS3”, because these make use of gradients, shadows, and rounded corners which contribute greatly to their button-ness. In older browers that don’t support these properties, the fallback is solid-color background, no shadows, and square corners. Not a big deal. via CSS3 Button Maker | CSS-Tricks.

4 Tips to deal with “Horrible Bosses”

4 Tips to deal with “Horrible Bosses” Guest Author July 8th, 2011 This is a guest post on best practices around social networking from Nicole Williams. For similar posts check out our series on networking tips and tricks here. – Ed. Does the new movie Horrible Bosses ring familiar? If you are coping with a … Continue reading

Flickr User Model, v0.2

Everything Webmasters Need to Know About the Google +1 Button for Websites by Tad Chef

Google +1 for websites is here for a few days, and while some people are still (or again) skeptical, there are quite a lot of webmasters who have adopted the + 1 button almost immediately. The SEO industry has been especially quick to include the buttons. I am among them, while I still don’t use … Continue reading

Google Ranking Factors You May Over- or Underestimate by Tad Chef

These ranking factors are gaining importance or haven’t been as popularly accepted as they deserve Site Speed – site speed is an official ranking factor that Google has been pushing quite hard for a while. Despite this, I still see plenty of sites that don’t seem to care. They load huge images where you don’t … Continue reading

Google Swiffy (tool for converting Flash files to HTML5)

Google Swiffy (tool for converting Flash files to HTML5) This little tool may have a huge impact. It allows you to convert Flash files to HTML5. I don’t know how good the outcome is, but even the idea of being able to adapt your Flash content to the modern Web is a clear sign of … Continue reading

Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Social interaction tracking in Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics While many people provided JavaScripts to track Google +1 votes in Google Analytics, the tracking wasn’t easy to use and wasn’t very insightful in most cases. Now Google has not only launched built-in Google +1 tracking in both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, but also … Continue reading

Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts V2Google Web Fonts allow webmasters to replace their boring web safe headlines with some more appealing free fonts. Also, the Google Web Fonts are faster than some of the older font replacement techniques. The new version, V2, is far sleeker than the old one. I’m not sure about the user experience though.http://www.google.com/webfonts/v2Continue reading