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See what the world is searching for with Google Insights for Search

The story start with my blog which i started few days ago…as usual i wanted to track the traffic/users of my blog who are they, what they do, where do they come from… etc… Unfortunately i couldn’t configure Google analytic to my blog because it’s free blog. so i began my search how can i track the traffic of my blog…

so i found Google webmaster tool https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools i configured it and found it pretty interesting but not as much as Google analytic because i couldn’t get all the inside as i could in Google analytic but any way i found something interesting in Google Webmasters Tools as you can see in the screen shot below under settings link you can see geographic target. By default United States was selected for my blog and i was wondering why i am getting most of the visitor form US only, so this was the reason. So i changed it to unlisted to make it in normal state.


Then i was wondering what type of article i should post on my blog to attract new visitor then suddenly i was thinking about the search pattern and this lead me to think “What the world search in Google” seriously have you ever thought about this.

So i began my search / Analysis to know what the world search in Google and wanted to know the search pattern of people around world, what they search, how they search and what keywords they use world-wide etc.

I started Goggling in Google but surprisingly my search started with Google for Google and ends up with Google only :).

I found this tool from Google http://www.google.com/insights/search

Google Insights: See What the World is Searching For

Using Google Insights you can compare and visualize search term’s popularity across geographic regions, categories, and time frames.

The data can be easily filtered by a variety of factors such as time, location and categories. To get a better idea about the whole thing check out the popularity comparison for following search terms: oil prices vs. electric car, call of duty 2 vs. battlefield 2142 or yankees vs. red sox.


  • Compare search keyword popularity across regions, categories, and time frames.
  • Filter obtained data by region, time period and category.
  • The result are presented with easy to grasp charts and maps.
  • Export and download data in .CSV format.
  • Also see related news headlines.
  • For more information on how you can make use of Google Insights go here.

Have quick look how to use it…

Check out Google Insights @ www.google.com/insights\]

I found that there is another similar  tool called Google Trends. I leave it up to you which one to use.

Click here to unfold the mystery of Google @ Google timeline
Explore all the  products from Google @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Google_products
Article written by : Nadeem Khan


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