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4 Tips to deal with “Horrible Bosses”

4 Tips to deal with “Horrible Bosses”

Guest Author July 8th, 2011

This is a guest post on best practices around social networking from Nicole Williams. For similar posts check out our series on networking tips and tricks here. – Ed.

Does the new movie Horrible Bosses ring familiar? If you are coping with a less-than stellar boss, it may be time to take action. Rather than simply hoping for things to improve, why not try to change the situation with some of the following tactics.

Keep an Open Mind – Don’t assume your boss has nefarious intentions. It’s possible your manager is simply unaware of the effect of his or her actions. Go into each encounter with the assumption that they mean well, but are clumsyabout interpersonal relations.

Connection Campaign – If you can’t connect with a “bad boss”, be sure you have a strong network ofconnections with co-workers. They can help provide direction, feedback and support on work projects when you aren’t getting that constructive support from your boss. Be sure your connections stretch across different departments and that way, if things get really bad (your boss can’t – or won’t – change), you’ll have contacts that can help you transition to another department.

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